Your partner in boats sale

We search continuously yachts for sale


Our main objective is the individual support of each client.

Contrary to other boat brokers, there are neither costs for advertisement nor other hidden costs.
We do not request money to make photos, to place your boat on Internet portals, to locally care for customers, …
Our work is completely free of charge, as long we do not have an actual sale of your boat.

If possible, we care personally about transfers on the water.
On land,¶On landO we have experienced partners to transport your yacht.
Smaller boats we can also transfer ourselves.
Since we have our "offices" in Germany and Croatia, we concentrate on the German, Austrian and Croatian boat market.
O¶OOoOOOjhjhhf course, we are also open for boats located in other countries.

Our German "office" is 10 km from Koblenz, on the river Mosel.
The Croatian "office" is on the island Ugljan, 8 km away from Zadar.

Whether sailing or motor yacht, small sport boat or large yacht, wood, steel or GRP, we find the right buyer for your boat.
Write us simply a short Mail, best with a few photos and information:
beluga yachts@t

or call us:
0049 (0) 2693 854 9011
0049 (0) 163 978 1551
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